I am not surprised Funny Face is broke, I am broke too - Pascaline Edwards (VIDEO)

Pascaline Edwards has added her voice to the cries of Funny Face who has declared that he has gone broke.

Pascaline Edwards

The Ghanaian actor in a social media post said "charley man made some bad choices and it has cost me .. heeerrhhh .. if you won't help me .. pls just don't destroy me to other companies who wants to use me for ambassadorial deals .. so I can gradually gather some money small small .. so I can go see my daughters..

Ei no be say I don't want to see dem.. chaley Shi shi sef man no get .. my everything spoil ... youth take dis advice from me .. Never be ungrateful to people who have helped you in life due to the pressure you going through .. 4 years dis I no see my daughters demma face .. cos Charley man damu !!" he said.

The post has sparked mixed reactions on social media as many have criticised Funny Face for eating his cake and wanting to have it back. However, colleague actor, Pascaline Edwards, sees the matter from a different perspective.


During an exclusive interview with, Pascaline Edwards said she is also very broke so she is not surprised Funny Face is also going through financial crisis.

"I'm not surprised that Funny Face is broke see, Funny Face's case is a dicey one. The guy has gone through hell and back. So why won't he be broke? He's trying to pick up the pieces. So yes, Il I wouldn't be surprised," she said.

She continued that "I'm not surprised at all that he's broke, even me, I am broke. But because I'm not saying it. So people are thinking I'm ok, I'm broke too. So if you have help, please help me me".

The actress who has just featured in a new 'Evor' movie by Sitsofe Tsikor set to premiered on the 6th March at the Silverbird Cinema added that " He is broke and I am broke. So who is going to help him?


But you see, we have decided to entertain the world. But at the end of the day, the world thinks they are doing us a favor by writing stuff about us without even knowing the truth. When I go online and I read certain things, I'm like, how did they know these things?

Pascaline Edwards further advised social media users to be kind with their criticism because they have done worse if they are in Funny Face's situation. Hear more from her in the video below.


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