One of Ghana’s up and coming actors Nana Kodua born Robert Nana Kodua has told Flex newspaper that movie producers should stop producing low budget movies.According to him, actors are not being paid well, producers cheat, people shoot with low budget and some content are loose.“They need to do the job well. If you want to have a better production, you must put in money and other resources but not settle on anything mean,” Nana Kodua said.When asked what he thought could be done to reverse this situation, he said:“Corporate entities, telecommunication and businessmen should get involved as investors to help shoot high budget movies to bring out good movies.” The versatile actor who has undergone a formal training currently plays the role of Akwapong in the latest television series ‘Enye Easy,’ a Ghana and U.S.A collaboration TV series which is about to hit on the screens and also in Kwaw Ansah’s ‘Sokoo’ TV series, thinks that things can be better some day.The icon for Kasapreko Alomo bitters and the face of Pink FM said he has had over three stage appearances including Run for Your Life, Songs of Pharaoh, Okyeame Kwame’s Versatile Show, In the Chest of a Woman, Aluta Continua and many others, featuring in three international movies.On stage, he can banter his fellow actors and draw from a sense of light mockery that makes it seem as if his leading trait is the art of seeing all things on the prosaic side and thrilling his audiences in the most unforgettable way.He is really a gem in his field and knows what is going on in the movie industry.

Source: Flex Newspaper