NDC uncovers NPP's Election 2016 Agenda in new movie

A group of NDC sympathizers in the UK is claiming to have uncovered a grand plot by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to connect their Election 2016 campaign with the much anticipated Christian movie, Divine Intelligence.

A group of NDC sympathizers in the UK is claiming to have uncovered a grand plot by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to connect their Election 2016 campaign with the much anticipated Christian movie, Divine Intelligence.The movie is written and directed by UK-based Ghanaian, Sammy Ankrah, who is an engineer scientist and a Board of Trustee member of Praise Harvest Community Church headed by Rev Moses Asare in the UK.A statement released by their communications director, Jonathan Pinkrong and press secretary, Bashiru Abubakr Insaidoo, reads as follows:"The New Patriotic Party, believed to have failed woefully in their attempt to use actress Yvonne Nelson to pioneer a 'Dumsor' campaign to discredit the good works of His Excellency, President John Dramani Mahama and make the NDC government unpopular among Ghanaians, and having seemingly lost any hope of staging an effective campaign for Election 2016 as a result of Nana Addo's inability to exhibit leadership skills to quench the raging fire in the NPP party at the moment, is desperately looking for any available opportunity to exploit as part of their 2016 campaign message.Our investigations have revealed that the NPP plans to broker a deal with Mr Samuel Ankrah, the writer and director of the upcoming Christian movie, Divine Intelligence, to endorse their 2016 Election Campaign by accepting and confirming that the registration plate of the Nissan Micra car, 'YR03 NPP' used in the movie actually stands for a code which the NPP have coined themselves. Already the NPP have said the car's number plate is actually a code that belonged to them and they would release what it stood for soon.Our 'eagle-eye' source from Kumasi has confirmed that the NPP are trying to 'buy' Mr Samuel Ankrah to confirm that the controversial car's registration plate, YR03 NPP, stands for the phrase (which aims at telling Ghanaians) that, "YOUR REALISTIC OPPORTUNITY EVER is NEW PATRIOTIC PARTY", with the 'E' in Ever being a side invert of the '3' in the registration plate. This, they intend to sell as part of their campaign message to the electorate during their 2016 election campaign.The idea behind it is that they believe the movie is dealing with an issue of real concern - the activities of fake pastors and false prophets that is crippling our society - and the movie being made by a high profile church person using real life personal experiences is likely to have a greater impact on society and support their campaign.They intend to tell the electorate that since one of their high profile members who is a top figure in a church has been able to expose corrupt practices in the church in the form of a movie, it bears testimony that the NPP are "SAINTS" and are poised to deal with corruption in all aspects of the Ghanaian society when they come to power.Therefore, the REALISTIC OPPORTUNITY EVER for Ghanaians to be redeemed from their current hardship is NPP. It was widely reported on social media that the movie was to be released in late 2015 but our source in Kumasi has confirmed to us that as part of the deal, the NPP intends to plead with the film director to release the film next year to fall in line with their campaign strategy.We also believe that the NPP are using their executives in the UK (some of whom we know are just normal friends with the film director, Mr Samuel Ankrah, just as he is friends with some NDC members too) to deliberately circulate photos of Samuel Ankrah with former president Kuffour, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko and other top NPP executives on social media as propaganda to facilitate their agenda. We know that it will be a big blow for the NPP to know that we have uncovered their grand agenda and possibly foiled a potential ILLEGAL campaign plot.But we also believe that Mr Samuel Ankrah will not compromise his integrity and play into the treacherous schemes of the NPP to use his good film work which is likely to be beneficial to society to achieve their selfish agenda. We encourage all Ghanaians to rally behind his excellency, President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC government to pursue the good works that the NDC government is doing, from now and beyond 2016, to make Ghana a better place for all. Thank you".


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