Rapper Cabum has disclosed that Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone creates certain controversies just to attain public attention.This he said Reggie does to stay relevant in the industry when nobody is talking about him.

Cabum in an interview with Radio Universe said most of the musicians in Ghana are either doing hiphop, dancehall or Afropop music.“I can see Reggie just want an attention. Right now we cannot see the hiplife people, they used to do well. You can ask other musicians if they are hiplife artistes and the will deny it. All the guys who rap are hip hop artistes so he wanted to revamp the hype on Hiplife genre and gain some attention that is why he has been making noise.”Cabum added that even though he has heard many entertainers giving different names as originators of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone is the person he has known as the man behind the music genre “so why does he (Reggie Rockstone) still make noise over that title? I just see that he just want some attention.”He made it clear that hiphop is the most popular music genre in Ghana making hiplife irrelevant.“Right now hiphop has taken over Ghana. Hiplife is now dead. Now nobody is listening to hiplife, it has collapsed. Songs people mostly is dancehall, hiphop or Afropop. I cannot hear the kind of hiplife we used to do.”