20-year-old beautiful hairdresser can’t believe she’s now a millionaire

A pretty young lady who claimed to have “started out doing hair in an African hair braiding shop at 17” cannot believe she has become a millionaire at age 20.

20-year-old beautiful hairdresser can’t believe she’s now a millionaire

According to the lady with the Twitter handle @Nathelocgod, her hard work and determination is what has brought her this far.

She took to Twitter on Tuesday, November 17 to disclose that she became a hairdresser at the age of 17, pressed on till she has now turned a millionaire at 20.

She shared two photos of herself, one of which shows her in a salon working on a client's hair, while the second one shows her posing in her warehouse of hair products.

Her revelation sounded too good to be true to some people who started questioning her about the transition from a mere hairdresser to a millionaire.

@Nathelocgod then returned to Twitter to explain how it all started and progressed, ostensibly to avoid speculations about her source of wealth.

She narrated that she started by braiding her hair and that of her mum at home before deciding to work in a hairdressing shop for three years.

At age 19, she thought it prudent to launch her product line, and that became her turning point. She began noticing so much success with her company that it became necessary to leave her daily job as a hairdresser to become the Chief Executive Officer of her company from which she now earns millions.

As if that was not enough for a young lady of her age, @Nathelocgod again set up her own salon and employed a stylist in January 2020.

Currently, she has a 6,400sq foot warehouse, two salon suites, and 13 employees working in her conglomerate-in-the-making.

“I started out doing hair in an African hair braiding shop at 17. Now I’m a millionaire at 20....that’s crazy.

“Some of you are confused by exactly how I became a millionaire. I started off doing my own hair and my mother’s hair at home. Eventually I had the opportunity to work in a hair braiding shop. I did hair for 3 years. When I was 19 I started my own product line (Loc God Products).

“My product line became very popular, and at 20 yrs old I was able to quit doing hair and pursue my dreams as a CEO.

“I eventually got my own salon suite as a stylist, but I didn’t want to be a stylist forever. (As stated in the caption of this photo) This was January 2020. My product line was already up and running for 3 months and had just started making enough for me to quit doing hair,” @Nathelocgod wrote on Twitter.


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