Identical twin soldiers say their lovers & children can’t figure out the difference

31-year-old twins, both of whom are soldiers have disclosed that their children and lovers have always found it hard to tell them apart.

Identical twin soldiers say their lovers & children can’t figure out the difference

According to, Benjamin Mukhwana and Jacob Mulongo, from Makokha in Kenya, have striking similarities in almost every aspect of life, from scoring the same marks in primary school, getting admission letters from the same high school, and joining the military.

One of the twins, Mukhwana told's Hillary Lisimba that during their High School days, their teachers could not differentiate between them.

“Some teachers got confused and thought it was the same student jumping from one class to the other, so they decided to put us in the same class,” he said as quoted by the news portal.

They proceeded to Kibabii University where they pursued a course in teaching but later decided to join the military.

According to Mukhwana, he and his brother have had instances where their girlfriends mistook one of them for the other. He was quick to add that the Bukusu culture which prohibits men from dating a former girlfriend of any other man with whom he shares a circumcision year has kept them in check.

Sharing further information about their similarities, Mukhwana said: “We don't stay at the same place but so many times we bump into each other at the barbershop, one would think we agreed to shave the same day.”

He also spoke about how their children struggle to distinguish between them when they arrive home.

“Those children get confused a lot. You should come over when we visit home over the holidays and see wonders.”

According to Mukhwana, the bond between him and his brother manifested right from infancy where their mother always had to take both of them to the hospital even if only one was ill, or else she would return home to meet the other one too ill.


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