Police hunt for scam bride who marries, robs grooms on their wedding night

The Syrian woman was introduced to Turkal by a marriage broker

The Syrian bride with the groom, Turkish man Riza Turkal

Police in Turkey are searching for a Syrian refugee who dupes men into marrying her and ten vanishes wit the wedding gifts on their night of their big day.


The woman  who is yet to be identified by the authorities, is believed to have conned three unsuspecting Turkish men.

In her latest scam, a 38-yr-old Turkish man Riza Turkal was robbed of £3,440.


The Syrian woman was introduced to Turkal by a marriage broker.

Satisfied with his new wife, the groom introduced her to his brother and cousin after promising her a new start in Turkey having fled the war-torn Syria.

He also claims he had spent close to £12,000 on the wedding itself and now realises it was all a scam.

Turkal found out his wife was a scam after reporting to the police who told him the woman ad apparently carried out the same scam on two other men.


Again the scam bride married unsuspecting Turkish men and attended the wedding with her family before making off with the wedding gifts.

The groom told the police that he had not even had a wedding night with his wife, after suspecting that she may have laced his drink with sleeping pills because he fell into a deep sleep after the ceremony and did not wake up until the next day.

Mr Turkal realised that his wife had run away with everything after regaining consiousness.

One of her victims 32-yr-old Fetih Cam also married her before she vanished with their wedding gifts on their wedding night.


He woke up the next day and discovered he had been conned.



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