Kuwaiti media reported that the unnamed couple had just finished signing the marriage certificate in the presence of the judge and were leaving the courthouse when the bride accidentally tripped and fell.

Any romantic man would quickly help his new bride to wake up and pamper her, but instead, this rigid groom insulted the woman by calling her “stupid”.

Out of shock and embarrassment, the woman did not hesitate to turn to the judge to ask for instant divorce, as they had not yet stepped out of the courtroom.

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Newly wedded couple divorce 3 minutes after marriage because bride fell down
Newly wedded couple divorce 3 minutes after marriage because bride fell down

It is reported that the said marriage and divorce is unprecedented in the history of Kuwait in terms of its duration.

In May last year, a similar incident happened in Dubai when a couple separated 15 minutes after their marriage, but this Kuwaiti one seems to be a global record.

Well, you can trust social media users to do their own analysis of the incident and draw their own conclusions. While some twitter users support the bride, others thought her quick reaction was predetermined to take advantage of the government’s financial support for newly wedded couples.

“If this is how he acts right at the beginning, it’s better to leave him,” said a twitter user, while another also said: “A marriage with no respect, is a failed one right from the beginning.”

A feature attributed to the Arab Times suggest that the loans and financial assistance provided by the state to newly-married couples has caused the divorce rate in the Middle-Eastern country to skyrocket in recent years.

It is not clear if this infamous divorce is one of such opportunistic scams.