A female soldier from Lagos in Nigeria demeaned a commercial bus driver and his conductor under the state’s Dopemu Bridge after the driver mistakenly scratched one of the side mirrors of the soldier’s car.

The military woman identified as Patricia Ajie first of all, made the two men pay for the damage caused to her car, and then ordered them to clean her boot.

As if that was not enough, the angry soldier again ordered the driver and the mate to lie in a muddy water, but still, she was not appeased. She further ordered them to drink the obviously contaminated water.

While the dehumanising treatments were ongoing, any bystander who attempted to film the development was reportedly harassed by the woman.

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Simply, the damage caused to the vehicle of Patricia Ajie’s car almost brought everything to a standstill in the area.

Fortunately, a video of the scene was shared on social media by a certain user who must have escaped the wild soldier.