An Indian woman recently dragged her husband to a family court, asking for a divorce because the man has always been busy studying for the nationwide Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination and hardly has time to spend with her.

According to the woman, her husband is sometimes so busy that he does not even speak with her the whole day. reported the unnamed woman as having told a counselor at the District Legal Service Authority in Bhopal that her husband does not make time to even visit his own family too.

Apparently, she has ran out of patience and endurance, hence the decision to opt out of the marriage.

Having heard her side of the story, the state-paid counselor though it prudent to call the woman’s husband in for a session.

The busy man did not have any issues with his wife, but insisted that passing the UPSC exam has been his dream since childhood, and has grown unflinching obsession for it.

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Surprisingly, although the man admitted that dedicating too much attention to his studies has affected his marriage, he did not object to his wife’s divorce request.

As usual with divorce cases, the counselor asked the couple to take some time to reconsider their decision to separate.

It is unclear how long the man has been studying for the exam, and when he would be done with it to have time for his wife if indeed he is interested in making the marriage work.