A Nigerian man identified as Cyprian Akabudike has resorted to social media to claim that all the cries and noises that women make when in the labour ward to be delivered are all unnecessary and exaggeration.

According to him, birds, snakes and other animals are able to lay eggs with ease, for which reason he does not expect women to have any problem with giving birth.

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“Even these animals could lay eggs without the assistance of a nurse or anyone. But women go dey make unnecessary noise for labour room like say na by false to born pikin. If you never strong, shift joor,” Cyprian Akabudike wrote.

"Women make unnecessary noise in the labour room, it’s exaggeration" – Man claims

The post has generated controversy online, with women and some women condemning him, saying his comment was insensitive.

Interestingly, looking at Cyprian Akabudike’s ‘sizable head’, his mother must have suffered to give birth to him. It is unclear whether he believes she also exaggerated the pains she suffered in the labour ward.