That is not to vouch for the video of Omega Fire Ministries Leader Apostle Johnson Suleman allegedly resurrecting a dead boy.

In the viral video, the Nigerian man of God is heard asking family of the alleged dead boy to bring him to the presence of the congregation.

He is heard and seen shouting “come back to life” into the seeming lifeless boy for a number of times, and the child could be seen breathing and blinking.

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Before the alleged resurrection, the boy is seen lying on the ground lifeless, and could not stand when the pastor lifted him.

After the resurrection, Apostle Johnson Suleman is heard assuring the boy’s mother that her son is free, after pouring water on her and the child.

The ‘resurrected’ boy is then made to walk as the members of the congregation cheer him up.

Watching the video from a layman’s point of view, the alleged resurrection looks real. However, because it is coming after the recent infamous staged resurrection of a Zimbabwean man by controversial South African pastor, Alph Lukau among other similar things, many people are doubtful.

Watch the video below and draw you own conclusions: