Five things you didn't know about coconut oil

Coconut oil increases in circulation as more health and beauty uses are being discovered everyday.

Five years ago, coconut oil was none existent to the average Nigerian. This has quickly changed in recent years as it has been prescribed for different purposes and uses.

These are five surprising new uses for coconut oil:

Knick free shaving: Too many complaints of broken and cracked skin after shaving can be remedied with the use of coconut oil. Apply on skin before shaving to allow shaving stick glide smoothly over skin, leaving it smooth and shiny afterwards.

Brighter smiles:  This is an ancient technique and celebrities like Gwyneth paltrow, according to our sources, swear by it. Apparently swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for about 20 minutes a day gets you shiny, brighter teeth.

Boosts metabolism:  why use coconut oil for domestic purposes only when you can eat it? A tablespoon full or more a day has been discovered to boost metabolism and support immunity.

Alternative cooking oil: Not only can you eat it in its raw form, coconut oil can be used as a healthier and tastier supplement for vegetable oil.

Natural makeup remover:  Coconut oil acts as a natural makeup remover especially for tough-to-remove products like waterproof mascara. It then leaves your skin glowing and soft.


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