20 questions on fashion with Ghanaian musician, Sefa

Ghanaian musician, Sefadzi Amesu, popularly called Sefa talks about fashion and more with Pulse Ghana's lifestyle editor, Portia Arthur.

Ghanaian musician, Sefa

Ghanaian musician, Sefadzi Amesu, popularly called Sefa know she wanted to become a musician when she came of age. 

The talented vocalist began her singing career as a passion and challenged herself to sing with live bands, in night clubs and even at weddings.

The adventure continued and the Shuga hitmaker was finally signed by Ghanaian musician, DBlack to Black Avenue Musik.


Speaking to Pulse Ghana’s lifestyle Editor, Portia Arthur, she revealed that she writes most of her songs and he has done that except for one: PEPPER ft BISA KDEI. Sefa added that the universe inspires her to write good music. Nature presents us with a lot of inspiration; whether it be the people around us, our circumstances or our current mood. 

  • Do you believe music and fashion go hand in hand?

 Yes, it defiantly does. Apart from a musician being vocally good? You have to build a brand. And that brand must be appealing or should I say pleasant to the eye in other to make selling easy • And what you wear on the outside matters a lot when it comes to building a brand. 

  • When did you start investing in designer clothes?

 I’ve never really thought about it cos I’m not one who is into” labelled stuff”. If I see something I like and feel like ow I’m gonna look nice in this? I’d wear it even if it’s from a thrift shop. 

  • What motivates you to slay every day? Why 

My mom always told me to leave a mark where ever I go, so I’m not only representing myself when I step out? I represent my mom too. I’ve just got to look beautiful mostly. 

  • What is your go-to fashion accessory? Why 

 I love every fashion accessory cos I feel it all comes together to create something beautiful but I’d go for heels any day. They give you that edge and with me having long legs? They compliment them so well so makes it look like I’m overdressed when I’m basically normally dressed.

  • What is your favourite fashion trend? Why

I don’t have one atm. I hate trends maybe cos I hate being just like everyone. I love to stand out.

  • What will you describe as the worst fashion trend ever? Why 

The worst so far I’ve seen and super hate, is sagging. I think it’s a disaster.

  • Do you patronize designs by Ghanaian designers? Yes/ No. 

Yes, I do. I have amazing designers who make me beautiful pieces using only Ghanaian made stuff. I feel Ghanaian designers have a lot to offer. They are just underrated. 

  • Who is your favourite Ghanaian designer? 

Why - I love misornu creations , alleluia, Elikem the tailor. Just to mention a few. I mean these are designers who will take your measurements, ask you what you want and before you know it? It’s the exact thing you requested for.

  • Who is your favourite International designer? 


  • How are you using your fame to promote the fashion industry? 

 I just prove to people that your size doesn’t matter. Where what you love and love what you wear. Because it doesn’t matter what you wear, how well you rock it makes it nice. I make sure to tag and promote any designer who makes a design for me 

  • Name 3 fashionable items you always pack for your numerous trips. And why

Big shirts, big sunglasses and footwear. Because they are so comfortable. I hate having to feel like I need to have makeup on all the time and also I need to wear a fitting dress all the time. I love to feel really cosy.

  • Name 3 countries you will always love to visit because of their high fashion sense. And why- 

Paris, the Caribbean’s and New York. Paris because that is basically the home of fashion. New designs every day to try out. The Caribbean’s because they know how to fuse comfortability and sexy all at once and I love being cosy so why not and New York because why not lol. 

  • Who is your fashion idol in Ghana and why?

 Selly Gally- how she dresses??? SLAY!!!!

  • What’s your take on the Ghanaian fashion industry?

It’s growing, amazing designers all over. It just needs a little more attention. 

  • Where do you see the industry in the next 5 years?

Higher heights. 

  •  On average, how much do you spend on a red carpet look?

Well mostly a lot cos I work with a team and they all play their parts before we meet to put it all together. You have them bring stuff and you look at it and you’re like ow this really cost a fortune. 

  • Do you repeat your red carpet dresses?

No, I don’t. But I don’t mind doing it.

  • Apart from you, who are the most fashionable female and male celebrity and why?

 I love Feli Nuna, I feel she is really daring When it comes to dressing and I’m here for non- basic.

  • Share with us your daily skincare routine. 

 I don’t really have one. I just wash up and rub my skin with shear butter lol. But I have facial and skin appointments mostly with@dizasbodyandskintherapy . She deals with all the mess I’ve created lol.

  • What is the meaning of a slay queen?

 In my opinion, a slay queen is someone who loves to take care of her self. Whether it’s dressing up, putting on makeup, living comfortably or just love loving themselves too much that it shows even on their social media lol.


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