21 Common signs girls in relationships with boys experience

They think that romance can stop after the relationship has hit the three-month mark.

Boys are very interesting people and it will amaze you the kinds of similar behaviours they put up when they are in relationship. Ever heard of the saying "All Boys have one mother". Whoever made up this quote probably wanted to says boys behave in the same way. Well, here are some typical behaviours boys exhibit relationships only their girlfriends will understand.

1.Most of them have trouble with feelings and how to express them appropriately.

2. They usually need some prodding to do something, like remember that it’s your birthday.

3.If you live with them and they ever tidy up, you’ll be reminded of it for the next three days.


But first you’ve got to go back to basics and actually explain what a Hoover is, because some of them haven’t got a clue.

4.They sometimes do it in public, which is the most embarrassing thing.

5.They seem to think that driving like an idiot will impress you.

6.He always thinks he’s right and knows best.

7. Even when you know for a fact he doesn’t have a solid clue what the hell he’s doing.


He’ll pretend though, and that’s amusing to watch.

8. Like when you go on holiday together and he says he totally knows where he’s going and gets you fucking lost in the arsehole of nowhere.

9.They’ll complain about how long it takes you to get ready but take even longer themselves.

10.Like when they finish and roll over to go to sleep because they think their job here is done.

11.Tell him you’re sad? Hey, this dick will cheer you up.


12.If you’re watching a TV show together, you can bet your last pound that he’ll watch another episode when you’re not around.

13.They start to care at the wrong point in the relationship – when it’s finished.

14.But although some boys are a massive pain in the ass, they can be OK ~sometimes~.

15.Until they start acting up again, and it’s back to square one.

16.There’s usually three people in the relationship: you, him, and his Xbox.


17.They have this dreadful habit of going elbow deep in their pants for absolutely no reason.

18.If they’re a passenger while you’re driving, they will constantly point out that they are in fact a better driver than you are.

19. They can be a lot of fun in the bedroom.

20. You can literally be anywhere and all of a sudden your phone will beep and hey.

Source: Buzzfeed


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