Dear men, stay away from these 4 types of women for your mental health

Mental health for men is a global concern, as it is equally important as physical well-being and should be prioritized like any other health issue.

Many men are consciously choosing peace of mind to safeguard their mental health

Studies indicate that over 6 million males suffer from depression, with some cases going undiagnosed. Additionally, the suicide rate among males has risen since 2000, making it the 7th leading cause of death among men.

Given that men often struggle to open up during difficult times, it is crucial to choose a partner who does not add to mental stress. To maintain good mental health, it is advisable to avoid certain types of women.

This type of woman believes she deserves everything without contributing anything. She may feel entitled to your money and expect lavish things, even if it strains your resources. Being with such a person can be emotionally and mentally draining.


No matter what you do for her, it is never enough. She fails to show appreciation, even when you are giving your best. A lack of appreciation can negatively impact your mental health. It is important to have a partner who acknowledges and values your efforts.

If you feel that you cannot meet the expectations of a woman due to her high demands and maintenance, it is best to step away. Remember, there is someone out there for everyone, and the right person will not make you feel inadequate or overwhelmed.


This type of person always focuses on the negatives and complains incessantly. They fail to see the good side of things, even in positive situations.

Surrounding yourself with constant negativity can take a toll on your mental health. It is important to choose people who have a positive outlook and can uplift you during challenging times.

Self-care is way beyond your physical well-being, it is also not just about regular checkups at the hospital, eating well, and exercising. It also includes surrounding yourself with the right people who contribute positively to your mental well-being.


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