5 things every woman must have before marriage

Deciding to get married is a significant life decision that involves careful consideration and preparation.

Things every woman must have before marriage [iStock]

Here are five things a woman should ideally have before she decides to tie the knot:

It’s important to have your own source of income before getting married. Having a job, regardless of its scale, ensures a level of financial independence and contributes to your self-esteem and identity. This is crucial not only for personal growth but also for maintaining balance in the relationship.


Your life shouldn’t solely revolve around your partner. It's essential to have your own hobbies, friendships, and interests.

Maintaining an independent social life and personal goals ensures that you have a healthy balance in your life, which can prevent relationships from becoming overly dependent or stifling.

Understanding how you and your partner handle conflict is crucial before making a long-term commitment. Healthy disagreements can provide deep insights into each other's conflict resolution styles and help strengthen the relationship.

This ensures you both know how to handle disagreements constructively without damaging the relationship.


Being knowledgeable about finances is crucial. This includes understanding how to earn, save, invest, and spend wisely.

Financial literacy helps you manage household finances effectively, plan for the future, and protect against financial downturns. It’s an essential skill for anyone looking to manage a home and family.

Completing your education, such as earning a degree, can be a significant personal achievement and contribute to your professional and personal growth.


It can also provide better job opportunities and financial security, which are beneficial when entering a marriage.

These aspects contribute not just to personal development but also to creating a stable foundation for a healthy, equal, and supportive marriage.


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