Customers who invested in the embattled Safeway Company Limited can now heave a sigh of relief as the company has commenced production of fingerlings, which management says will help them raise enough revenue to pay back the investment of customers.

The company, however, struggled to keep up with the interest payments when they heavily invested the deposits of customers into other businesses like real estate and  microfinance businesses which failed.

This led to massive, widespread protests by customers against the company, forcing the temporary closure of the business.

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Currently, however, a new management has been formed, and production of tilapia has started, increasing the possibility of customers being paid back their deposits.

Public Relations Officer of Safeway Company Limited’s new management, Mamah Martei has revealed that the fingerlings will mature by the end of July, making it possible for the company to refund monies to customers.

“We are doing fingerlings production alone and we have started. Fingerlings do not take much. It takes roughly between six to seven weeks,” he said.

He explained that the payment plan will however depend on the sale of the harvest. “The payment plan will be determined on the number of tons and what we will get within that lane. Currently, the investors have been ranked. They are over 14,000 people across Ghana,” he told Accra-based Citi FM.