Visas for Ghanaian 'housemaids' banned

This follows increasing reports of abuse and maltreatment of young girls who go to Kuwait to serve as house helps.


In an interview with The Finder newspaper, Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Saeed said the issuance of Visa 20 will only resume after Kuwait and Ghana sign a bilateral agreement that streamlines procedures for recruitment and outlines conditions of service to offer better protection to the maidservants.

He added that the bilateral agreement would also ensure that illegal recruitment agencies and families who employ the services of such agents are held responsible for any infractions, and not the housemaid.

Last week, the deportation of 62 Ghanaian girls arrested in Kuwait for offences such as prostitution, organising parties without permit, as well as running away from the families they were serving as housemaids due to maltreatment began.

The victims, who were between 17 and 25 years, have been in Kuwait for six and 15 months.

Ten of the 62 have been repatriated to Ghana and the remaining 52 will be back in the country before the end of the month.

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