Anaafo was sentenced on Friday, June 28, 2019, by the Madina District Magistrate Court '1' following his conviction on a charge of defrauding by false pretence and impersonation.

Facts of the case

On February 21, 2019, the Medical Superintendent of the Municipal Hospital in Goaso wrote to inform the Council that Francis Anaafo who was using the name Simon Yaw Woli was underperforming, so he should be investigated.

Fake nurse Francis Awine Anaafo, a 33-year-old
Fake nurse Francis Awine Anaafo, a 33-year-old

Upon receipt of the letter, Francis Awine Anaafo was invited to the Council’s Head Office in Accra where he was made to present his certificate of registration, result slip and the national service logbook.

The Council, upon screening the documents detected that Francis Awine Anaafo fraudulently used the name of Simon Yaw Woli, who is a qualified nursing practitioner, to obtain an extract-of-occurrence from the Ministries Police Station to the effect that his certificate, results slip and logbook were missing.

Anaafo fraudulently acquired a duplicate copy of Simon Yaw Woli’s Registered General Nursing (RGN) Certificate with the extract and presented it to the National Service Secretariat to register for the 2018 national service.

Upon successful registration at the National Service Secretariat, Anaafo was posted to the Goaso Municipal Hospital where he commenced his service in September 2018.

The Intelligence and Disciplinary Department in the course of investigations contacted the real Simon Yaw Woli who had his original RGN certificate and results slip in his possession.

He revealed that he and Francis Awine Anaafo commenced nursing training at the Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Sekondi in August 2013 but in 2015, he (Anaafo) was demoted and later sacked from the school for non-performance.

Officials from the Intelligence and Disciplinary Department of the Nursing and Midwifery Council with the assistance from the Airport Police on March 15, 2019, arrested Anaafo and after thorough investigations, arraigned him before Her Worship Maame Efua Tordimah (Mrs) at the Madina District Magistrate Court '1'.

Anaafo pleaded not guilty to the charges.

After the trial, he was found guilty and sentenced to 22 months imprisonment for defrauding by false pretence and Impersonation.