Ghana Police Service, please step in to stop this lawlessness at Madina, Zongo Junction

There is this disturbing unruly behaviour by some young men at various bus stops across the national capital which poses a serious danger to passengers of commercial vehicles, the drivers and their conductors, and there is an urgent need to stop them before a bloody or even fatal incident is recorded.

IGP Dr Akuffo Dampare

Both day and night, these unkempt-looking guys station themselves at both sides of the Zongo Junction on the Adenta-Madina highway to forcibly take money from drivers and their conductors who pick up waiting passengers, and this always escalates into heated confrontations amid exchange of blows sometimes.

I am drawing attention to this situation because I witnessed a very dangerous incident on Monday, May 29, while onboard a commercial vehicle to work in the morning.

One of the guys who are notorious for terrorising drivers, conductors and passengers over money they did not work for, is this particular one called ‘Taller'. He demands money with intimidation and manhandles drivers and their conductors.

While onboard the vehicle from Dodowa to Accra, the driver stopped at the Zongo Junction for some passengers to alight. Then, some waiting passengers joined the car at that point. Suddenly, as usual of him, this ‘Taller’ guy emerged from nowhere and started manhandling the driver's mate to take money from him for picking up passengers as if he owns the passengers. He then started hitting the conductor with a long piece of wood he normally wields. The conductor entered the car and locked the door, but this aggressive guy opened the door with force and anger and continued hitting the helpless boy in the car and throwing the wood dangerously into the car without any regard for the passengers who became scared and were screaming. He then continued to hit the car with the piece of wood angrily because he was not given money for passengers he did not own. The only thing that saved the situation was when the driver sped off, but he was still chasing the car to continue the attack.


This is how this guy and his gang operate on a daily basis, and in case the Ghana Police Service is not aware of this risky and terrorising situation, it is what happens at most bus stop across Accra. Interestingly, at Zongo Junction, it happens just a few meters from where the MTTD officers stand to control traffic flow. Well, we can cut them some slack because maybe they are focused on their core job.

After the scary incident, some passengers were heard alleging that those thugs carry out their lawless activities with the full knowledge of some police officers. Whether the allegation is true or not, there is a need to drive those thugs from the already congested stressful road and station some officers there to ensure they do not return. Any operation to get rid of these thugs should not be limited to the Zongo junction in Madina alone; it should be replicated across the national capital and nationwide if possible.

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