It's regrettable Ghanaian journalists no longer talk about galamsey — Sir Sam Jonah

The Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Sir Sam Jonah, has issued a solemn challenge to Ghanaian journalists, reminding them of their indispensable role in the country's democracy.


He stressed the non-negotiable duty to uphold truth, independence, and accountability. Speaking at the launch of the 75th Anniversary celebration of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) in Accra, Jonah acknowledged the historic significance of the occasion.

He highlighted his personal support for journalism during tough times and underscored his enduring belief in the media's societal impact.

Jonah expressed concern over the increasing polarization of the media landscape, citing the erosion of neutrality and the rise of partisanship.


He cautioned against the influence of political patronage and material rewards, which he argued threaten the independence of the Fourth Estate.

Emphasizing the media's crucial role during pivotal moments like elections, Jonah urged practitioners to uphold integrity and responsibility, drawing on historical examples of journalists' sacrifices in the pursuit of truth and justice.

He lamented the declining coverage of 'galamsey' issues, despite their ongoing devastating effects on Ghanaian communities, such as increased deformities, kidney and liver diseases, and alarming mortality rates in affected areas.

He said "The once united front of objectivity and patriotism appears, to some, fragmented by the divides of partisanship and the shadows of materialism."

He said "Your role as the Fourth Estate is a cornerstone of our democracy, and your duty to hold power to account has never been more critical.


"The influence you wield is powerful, with the ability to frame political discourse and influence public opinion, making it imperative that this power is exercised with the utmost responsibility and ethical rigor. As we move forward, let us remember the sacrifices made by those who came before us, journalists who laid down their lives for the pursuit of truth and justice."

He added: "It is upon their legacy that the future of Ghanaian journalism will be built—a future where truth prevails over sensationalism, integrity over corruption, and where the pen remains mightier than the sword in the fight for democratic integrity and national unity.

"What a shame, what a pity! As Journalists the times we live in beckon you to remember your purpose, power and your responsibility. The price of the continued silence is too grave to fathom."


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