The 22-year-old woman, Ama Agyemang was

The victim was sent to the hospital on Friday, 15 June 2018 by the police after suffering severe injuries from the alleged beating at Abrepo, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

According to the police, she attempted suicide while she was in custody hence the bruises on her body.

According to reports, Ms. Agyemang was in police custody and attempted committing suicide, hence their resolve to send her to the hospital.

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One of the doctors at KATH said the police brought her into the accident and emergency and told them the same story that she tried to commit suicide but medical examinations on her proved the Police was wrong but rather suffered a severe assault from the Police officers.

The doctor said, "preliminary medical checks showed no signs of suicide but grave marks of severe assault."

The victim narrating her ordeal said "When they took me to the Sofoline Police Station, they beat me on arrival and then locked me up in the cells.

"I was hungry and thirsty but they wouldn’t mind me when I complained. They then handcuffed one of my hands to the cell door and started beating me."

Mother of the victim, Aunty Erica, in an interview on Accra-based Class FM said the cops "lied" about her daughter’s attempt to claim her own life.

"They [police] are lying. How can a woman who had been handcuffed to the bars at the cell, escape from the cuffs, get hold of a rope to attempt to hang herself? It is impossible. They only took her to the hospital when they realised she could not stand on her feet from the severe beatings," she said.

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She stated that she was having a disagreement with her daughter over the latter’s decision to sell her phone.

She said her daughter, Ama Agyemang was arrested by two community police personnel and sent to the police station adding that her daughter was released in that evening and she [victim] went to confront a lady believed to be the one who caused her arrest.