Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain
SM Caen
Begin: 20.05.2017 19:00 

Paris Saint-Germain - SM Caen


Today's match is followed by 45516 spectators.

90' 554547519 The whistle has gone to end the second half. The match finishes 1 - 1.
90' 554546125 Javier Pastore (Paris Saint-Germain) is first to the ball but his header is off-target.
90' 554545517 Corner awarded to Paris Saint-Germain.
90' 554542657 Jonathan Delaplace instrumental with a fine assist.
90' 554542049 Goal! Ronny Rodelin equalizes to bring the score to 1 - 1.
90' 554538835 The second half is prolonged by 3 minutes of added time.
90' 554537621 Edinson Cavani of Paris Saint-Germain gets in a strike, but is off target.
90' 554535963 SM Caen's Yann Karamoh gets in a shot on goal at Parc des Princes. But the effort is unsuccessful.
89' 554534493 Paris Saint-Germain's Blaise Matuidi breaks free at Parc des Princes. But the strike goes wide of the post.
87' 554530739 SM Caen advance rapidly upfield but Johann Hamel blows for offside.
86' 554527353 SM Caen have been awarded a corner by Johann Hamel.
85' 554525353 Vincent Bessat is on a sub for Jean-Victor Makengo for SM Caen.
85' 554525089 Patrice Garande (SM Caen) is making a second substitution, with Jordan Leborgne replacing Frederic Guilbert.
80' 554512061 SM Caen's Ronny Rodelin misses with an attempt on goal.
79' 554509539 Julian Draxler is replacing Lucas for Paris Saint-Germain at Parc des Princes.
78' 554507537 SM Caen make their first substitution with Jordan Tell replacing Romain Genevois.
76' 554503541 SM Caen are coming forward and Ronny Rodelin gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
76' 554502755 Corner awarded to SM Caen.
76' 554501709 SM Caen's Ronny Rodelin gets in a shot on goal at Parc des Princes. But the effort is unsuccessful.