Following a number of explosions at Atomic Junction off the Madina - Haatso road, students of University of Ghana and Presbyterian Boys' Senior High School have been thrown into mayhem as they run to safety away from the flames.

Around 7:30PM on Saturday, 7th October, a gas station at Atomic Junction went up in flames with a loud explosion.

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The flames from the explosion spread to nearby filling stations and cause multiple explosions.

One of the students from PRESEC who fled the school premises told local television network, TV3, "We didn't know where we were running to, but we kept running".

Other reports stated that some students from Ghana Hostels and TF Hostels, which were closer to the epicenter of the explosion, fled the campus to avoid the flame and heat from the incident.

One Franklin Badu Jnr, told Citi FM that the explosion rocked the "roofing of the Pentagon".

He continued, "There was a huge explosion that shook the Pentagon hall where I was. It appears that the gas flared into the atmosphere and the inferno followed suit. Students numbering thousands are fleeing for their lives".

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According to him, some of the UG students were hurt in the stampede that ensued as they fled campus in a chaotic manner.