The Ghana Statistical Service has released its maiden comprehensive job creation report, that is expected to solve the ensuing controversy over the total number of jobs created so far under the supervision of the NDC government.

The Ministry of Communications released a list of 600,000 jobs government has reportedly created since assumption of  office in 2012.

According to the figures released by the Ghana Statistical Service, in 2014 the Ghanaian economy created 207, 492  jobs.

Under this, the manufacturing sector created the most number of jobs

According to regional statistics, the Ashanti region created the most number of jobs in net new jobs in the agric sector.

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The Ghana Statistical Service also found that the services sector accounted for nearly nine out of every dozen new jobs created.

The agriculture sector, which until recently was the biggest employer of Ghana’s working class, is now the poorest performing sector under the job creation report. It created only 1,756 jobs in 2014.

In the bigger scheme of things, these figures released by the statistical service put total amount of jobs government claims to have created to  400,000 between 2014 when the report of the Statistical service ends and 2016.