Can man be more than human?

Have you ever wondered what kind of person you would be if you could utilize 50% of your brain power?


What is the true reach of our potential as humans?

Have you ever wondered what kind of person you would be if you could utilize 50% of your brain power? Or of you had the strength of 15 men in your day job as a fire man or a construction worker? What about the power to control all electric gadgets in your home with your senses?

These questions sound like a comic book read from the X-Men but hold on;the reality of it is closer than you think.

Technology has advanced so much that the lines between what is humanly possible and what is tech aided is blurring and the possibility of a complete fusion between man and machine is very possible.

Medical miracles have made these dreams realities and so has the need to simply find answers to how the human mind or body can be made better.

Consider the case of Neil Harbison who was born with an acute case of achromatopsia,basically he could only see in black and white.

His life could have been mundane and boring but is now a world renowned artist with a better sense of color than your ordinary person thanks to a remarkable eyeborg, a device that has enhanced his sense of color.

Or what about the story of Jens Neumann who was rendered blind in both eyes after an accident and though he would never see again?

In 2002 advancements allowed him to wear electronic eyes connected to his brain that has given him a sense of sight.

The possibilities of technology in every sphere of human endeavor are endless and continues to provide hope,apprehension and room of a brighter future.

In Ghana where I live  these possibilities are slowly also opening as technology and science are finding their feet. You will not find a robotic exoskeleton or a bionic hand for an amputee but there is definitely an advanced discovery of how a symbiotic relationship between man and machine is useful.

Apostle Kwadwo Safo is an inventor who has for years pushed this boundary.

At a time when the the megatech and manufacturing companies in the world were looking for the next breakthrough, he was in his yard exploring how a human could control  household appliances using sight, sound and room temperature.

He found success on a small scale and his exhibitions of his discoveries astonished the nation.

So many factors including economy limit the scale and speed of breakthroughs but the essential foot note is that humans have not given up in their quest to survive. To be healthier,faster,stronger and to perhaps even prolong their lives. That is what fascinated me as I watched a remarkable video recently on National Geographic and I am looking forward to  Paul Giamatti's next installment.

Watch GE's Breakthrough film on National Geographic >


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