How to prepare gari soakings like a pro

Got the craving for gari soakings? Not got enough cash to pay GHC145 for a fancy bowl of your childhood favorite? Our new DIY recipe will show you how to prepare gari soakings on a budget.

Growing up, this super-delicious mix of gari, sugar and water was occasionally a lifesaver in many situation, most especially for students in high school and even some at the tertiary level.


The dish was easy to make; and if you could afford it, you might as well go the step further to adorn it with garnishes like a little milk (or lots of it if you’re like me), nuts (most often groundnuts though tiger nuts occasionally works too) and almost any other easy to digest edible.

Gari is made from cassava and is also very popular when eaten with waakye or rice, but this week we shall focus on just the soakings – for obvious reason.

This week, social media has been rife with an image of gari soaking with a few additives for a very high price.

We can never be sure if the shot was from an actual restaurant, but even if it is and you can’t afford to drink gari soakings for GHC145, here’s a quick DIY on how to prepare gari soaking on a budget and still enjoy it like you did back in the day


Preparation Time: 2-5 minutes



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