These African political leaders have the best nicknames

‘The crocodile’ as Mnangagwa has been nicknamed due to his political resilience,  will complete Mugabe’s term in office which ends in 2018

Mnangagwa  is not new to the political scene but it is his nickname that brought him new found popularity across the world.

TheCrocodile’ as Mnangagwa has been nicknamed due to his political resilience, will complete Mugabe’s term in office which ends in 2018 before the former breadbasket for Africa goes for polls.

Business Insider SSA decided to dig into some of Africa  leaders who have  cool nicknames.

Jacob Zuma A.K.A Jay Z

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is widely referred as JZ in political circles, a short abbreviation of his name.

Muhammadu Buhari  A.K.A Johnie  Walker

Nigeria’s President frequent trips outside the country which sometime last for weeks earned him the nickname Johnny Walker.

The term became a slogan and indeed a catch-phrase for mostly young Nigerians who started calling the president 'Johnny Walker' and even photo-shopped his picture on Johnny Walker famous mystery brand character.

Yoweri Museveni aka Ssabalwanyi

The pearl of Africa could not just sit down and watch other countries nickname their Presidents and let their president who has ruled the land locked nation of East Africa take a pass, could they?

Museveni has several nicknames ranging from Ssabalwanyi (fighter among fighters), Leopard, Mzee (Old Man), Taata (Father) and “Mulaalo” (Herdsman) because he owns an impressive herd of Ankole cows.

His most popular nicknamed however may be Sevo after his 2011 campaign rap song “You want another rap”

Joao Lourenco A.KA. J'LO

Angola’s new president who was elected on September is popularly known as JLo.

The Nickname is an abbreviation of his two names.

Uhuru A.K.A Kamwana

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta is commonly referred to as Kamwana (Young Kid).

When Uhuru first ran for office in 2002 he was barely in his forties, something which veteran politicians picked on.

The name stuck since then, however over the years the name has changed its meaning and is now used to fondly refer to the president as our son.

Mohamed Abdullahi A.K.A 'Farmajo'

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was elected as president of Somalia in Feb, 2017.

He is commonly known as Farmajo, after the Italian 'formaggio' for cheese because of his reported love of the food.

Raila Odinga A.K.A Baba

Kenya’s opposition chief, Raila Odinga is one of Kenya’s most popular leaders and as a result has earned himself countless nicknames over the years.

He is fondly referred to as Baba (Father) by his loyal supporters, a title given to one who has come of age or is deserving of respect.

Kenneth Kaunda A.K.A "The Weeping President"

Zambia’s former President Kenneth Kaunda was known as the weeping president due to his tendency to break down in tears whenever he would talk about death, poverty and the general suffering of Africa’s people.

Jerry John Rawlings AKA "Junior Jesus"

The wildly charismatic former president of Ghana earned the moniker based on his first two names in the hey days of his coup in 1983. Hailed as a messiah by the masses, he rode on his mass popularity to a 26 year tenure of military ruler and then president of Ghana.


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