How to get her to spend the night with you

Want a woman to spend the night at your place? Here are 10 golden moves to help you succeed

Unless you're crude and you really just want to get the ladies who visit you drunk and have your way with them, the next time a lady visits you, here are 7 golden rules to help you succeed in making her sleep over.

1. First get the atmosphere right.

Make sure  the environment is inviting enough. Get her type of movies or series, Get her type of music and also her type of games. But before that, women are very inquisitive. They notice everything! They notice a man’s character, their clothes, shoes, how they walk, talk, how they carry themselves and how they live. Women have that Sherlock Holmes detective DNA in their genes.  Your brand has to be one she would lust after tonight. You should definitely set up the environment to reinforce your brand.

2.  Stock your bachelor pad with extra items.

You must always be ready to spice up the items in you bachelors tool pad. Your tools should  include the obvious list all bachelors use; you know ,the condoms, the extra towels, extra tooth brushes, the big T-shirts, female deodorant,and of course a clean, emphasis on clean colourful boxer shorts, new shower cap  etc.  Oh i almost forgot make sure you add baby wipes yes baby wipes to the bachelor tool pad. Some ladies would opt to clean the sensitive areas before going to bed if they don't feel too comfortable taking shower. Just in case you end up doing extra, you want her girlie part all smelling fresh. Her girlie parts are delicate so you must avoid picking up wipes with a fruity scent.

3. Take off her shoes

Letting her feel comfortable and at home is one your way to get her to sleep over. Quickly help take off her shoes when she comes in, have some massaging oil closer, massage her feet and make her feel relaxed.

4. Great conversation always does the trick.

Since she is already in your apartment seize the opportunity to prepare a a great meal. If you don't know  how to cook, order her best meal from her favorite restaurant. Share the meal with her whiles having a great conversation about work, politics, music any topic but sex. Sex can make her feel uneasy. If your intention is to sleep with her don't force it let her ease into the moment.

5. Keep extra phone chargers.

You know how hard it is in this tech age to do without your phone? After staying for hours at your place, the possibility of her phone's battery running down is high. Make sure you know the phone she uses and have a spare charger just in case she forgot her's. Don’t make her use the excuse that she has to go home because her phone is dying or dead.

6. Never keep two soft blankets.

You should keep a cashmere blanket or a thick soft rug or blanket. Girls love soft blankets especially after a night out. You must definitely know her feet hurts from walking in those heels all night and your goal is to make her comfortable but don’t struggle because the soft blanket always does the trick. Be sure she needs some cuddle and because you would want to share the blanket, never keep two soft blankets on your couch because your intention is to get in with her.

7. Make the romance last.

As this point it is certain that she is spending the night with you.  But you need to know that most ladies will prefer the” sort of romance. Find out if she likes what you are doing whilst still at it and if she does, Hurray! Get on with it. If she doesn't , be a gentleman about it and stop. It build trust, respect and trust me she will yearn to come back. Love goes where love is! Be sure you love her enough and she feels something for you too. Good luck!


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