While Ghana and other parts of the world are struggling to bring an end to Female Genital Mutilation, a Kenyan Doctor has gone to the country’s high court

Dr. Tatu Kamau told the Daily Nation that, “Much as we want to protect the girl, there are many women who have been harassed and jailed in the last three years. Once you reach adulthood there is no reason why you should not make that decision.”

She was however quick to add that the “campaign is only meant to safeguard the dignity and rights of the woman”.

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The doctor added that, “While filing my petition I didn’t have the girl child I mind but only wanted to touch on the issues of adult women.”

FGM is a big issue mostly in northern Ghana and successive governments have fruitlessly struggled to eradicate, due to how deep rooted it is. Some African countries have also banned the practice due to its traumatic consequences and global condemnation.

However, Dr.Kamau who herself is a woman surprisingly has launched an advocacy for its legalization saying, “Female circumcision is practised differently from one community to another, but it can be made safe. It is a minor surgical procedure that does not require anaesthesia or being put into a theatre.”