I went to the cemetery at 2am to do 'for girls' and it worked – Amerado

Ghanaian rapper Amerado recently shared a daring nighttime adventure he undertook in the name of love.


During an interview on Hitz FM, the rapper confessed to visiting a cemetery in his hometown of Ejisu at 2:am to perform a love charm locally known as ‘for girls’.

He recounted the eerie experience of standing alone in the cemetery, where he sprayed powder and expressed his heartfelt desires to win his love interest’s heart.

After the daring act, he revealed he bolted out of the cemetery to avoid being noticed.


Unlike what he was expecting, the ‘for girls’ worked momentarily, and then everything went back to reality.

“After I had mentioned her name and did the ‘for girls, I called her the next day and she was all loving. She agreed for me to pick her up, which I did. But when we were in the car, I accidentally snatched her phone and it fell and the screen got shattered. Right there and then, she got upset asked what she was doing in my company and that was it, the ‘for girls’ did not work again”.

When the panelists cast doubt on her revelation, Amerado insisted “I know this is live, but I swear down, I’m not lying”.

Asked if he regrets his actions, Amerado was indifferent, stating that people go all lengths just for love.


He revealed that, though he did not end up in a relationship with his crush as expected, they remain very good friends.

Currently, he is in a relationship with a woman whose identity he chooses to keep private.


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