Just when we thought the beef between Tyga's women has taken a back seat, Blac Chyna may have just thrown a giant grenade at Kylie Jenner one more time.

The mother-of-one posted a photo of a dog in tights on her Instagram on September 30 and the picture carried a meme or message - one that's trying to 'steal my man'. So, was it Chyna's way of saying the 18-year-old star is a dog who stole her lover?

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While a ton of her followers found the image to be funny, we don’t think Kylie would feel the same way. Blac seems to be calling Kylie a “dog” for “stealing” Tyga from her! Or maybe it was just something else entirely.

According to a recent report on HollywoodLife.com, Tyga has been thinking that Kylie is acting just like his ex and wants to stop her but going by the many surgeries Kylie has had, in order to heighten her curves and even her butt, fans are also beginning to think Kylie is trying to be like Chyna in order to make Tyga love her.

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Well, we get it that it’s easier to hate the other woman, rather than pointing the finger at the man, but in this situation, Kylie and Blac might actually dislike each other simply because they’re so much alike… or trying to out beat each other for a guy!

What a mess!