Judas and Bob Santo were very close friends and even usually acted together in many movies.

The pair would, however, be separated by death after Bob Santo, real-named John Evans Bosompi, kicked the bucket in 2002.

Santo’s death brought about a lot of speculation, with reports emerging that he died as a result of cocaine usage.

Judas opens up about Santo’s death
Judas opens up about Santo’s death

Responding to this, Judas said such reports are false, clarifying that Santo died from a chronic disease.

“Santo was sick and we left Ghana so he could cure himself. He was very ill and even after we returned to Ghana, he lived two months before kicking the bucket,” he said.

“If Santo died of cocaine smuggling why would he survive many months before his death? The doctor made me aware the sickness was chronic because there was not much they could do to save him."

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