Ghanaians join viral #BroomChallenge; here’s what you need to know about it

A new social media challenge has gone viral across the globe and Ghanaians are not missing out on it.

Ghanaians join #BroomChallenge

The challenge is dubbed #BroomChallenge and like the name suggests it’s all about brooms but making them stand without any support. The challenge kicked off after a viral tweet claimed that NASA said 'Monday, 10th February, was the only day the brooms can stand on their own because of the earth's gravitational pull'.

People tried it and it worked, accordingly, they started sharing their practical experience online with the hashtag #BroomChallenge. However, the force making the brooms stand is not related to any new scientific reason from NASA.

This is because the brooms, which Ghanaians describe as ‘brush standing broom’, by their nature can be made to stand on its own anytime and any day. Yet, out of curiosity or to play a prank on gullible minds, a lot of people are trying the challenge and it has become the latest craze on the internet.

Popular celebrities like U.S rapper, Dj Khaled, Future, Blacc Chyna among others are part-taking in the challenge. Some have used the standing brooms as standing mics or just pose by them for funny videos and pictures which are catching attention online.

Ghanaians and Nigerians have joined the challenge too with some social media users using the handmade ‘bending brooms’ for the challenge. Check out the posts below for how people are taking on the #BroomChallenge.


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