Nigerian actor,

According to the actor who has also played roles as fetish priest, member of council of elders, among others, even if a movie is tragic, a bit of comic relief is necessary.

“God has blessed me with creativity. No other person has strived to create comic relief. That’s too bad. Why should we lament because we are watching a tragedy? A tragedy can have a comic relief. I saw many years ago that the writers were not putting comic relief in the scripts so I decided to create it so that even if you’re watching somebody who has been poisoned or killed in whatever way, you’ll have cause still to laugh,” he noted.

Asked if he has been having nightmares after playing dangerous roles in movies, Chiwetalu Agu answered, “I pity anybody who does this business without first of all calling on God.”

He mentioned that they never shoot scenes at live shrines; rather, they set up theirs for fear of any repercussions. The case is however different when there is a church scene.

“When I play a native doctor, we don’t use live shrines. It’s not good to use live shrines. People might have worshipped there and the spirit must have engraved that place so why should you not use your common sense?” he said.

Born in 1956, Chiwetalu Agu has starred in countless movies. These include ‘Fire on the Mountain, ‘The Priest Must Die’ and Beauty and the Beast.