The singer got married to Joana Gyan over the weekend at a traditional wedding ceremony. The singer’s newly married wife happens to the C.E.O of Golden Empire Legacy Limited, a company which its entertainment has signed Keche as its acts.

The marriage of the two has since been attracting comments from observers who either referred to Andrew as a gold digger or with others saying he is too young than the woman he married. Amidst it all, Coded of 4x4 fame has congratulated Andrew on his marriage, advising him not to listen to what people say.

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He shared a photo of the couple and wrote “My warmest congratulations to these two amazing souls. I've been around both of you countless times and it's absolutely beautiful to see how you love and support each other. Your marriage will be filled with joy.

P.S: Know that there will be lots of stupid envious people who feel they have a say in who you should be with, ignore them, they are not important and will never be...