Global Boga’s girlfriend, Nicole Thea, who was also a dancer and YouTube vlogger, passed away over the weekend during labour, according to her family.

Nicole, 24, reportedly died through cardiac arrest after delivering her son who died too after a c-section delivery.

Her family released a statement on her Instagram page regarding her death and pled with the public to respect their privacy as they struggle to cope with the sad news.

Despite her family’s privacy plea, DKB took to Twitter yesterday to suggest that she was attacked by spiritual forces after displaying her pregnancy on social media.

“You display your pregnancy so much, you think principalities and witches will not attack you?” DKB tweeted.

He said other girls should take lessons from the incident, adding that there are spiritual forces roaming and looking for victims.

“RIP dear, other girls, learn your lessons. There are spiritual forces roaming and looking for victims,” he added.

However, he deleted the tweet after it backfired on the micro-blogging site.

He later offered an explanation to his tweet, saying he wrote what his ‘spirit’ told him.

“Never knew her but I wrote what my spirit told me & people attacked me as if I committed a crime. Here is an evidence of pre-warning sent to the bereaved guy. Maybe your life is worthless, shut up and let’s save the worthy lives. Spirituality isn’t a joke,” he concluded.