My dad would have slit my throat if he knew I was gay - Edward Enninful [WATCH]

Renowned fashion editor Edward Enninful has opened up about growing up as a gay man.

Edward Enninful, British Vogue Editor

The Ghanaian-British fashion icon who is currently the Editor of British has revealed that his father is homophobic. According to Edward, his father always threatened to slit the throat of gays should he site one in his house.

In an interview with The Life of a CEO on YouTube, Enninful reflected on his early realization of his sexuality and the impact it had on his relationship with his father.

"I knew I was gay from when I was young, and if my dad would have known, he would have slit my throat," he revealed.


The Vogue Editor added that his father's homophobic comments and threats pervaded their household. "He would say things like, 'Oh my God, if I knew any gay person if any person enters my house, I will slit your throat.'"

Edward however disclosed that amidst his father's strong stance against homosexuality, he had a gay cousin, Michael who was living with them at the time. In the interview below, Edward added his father's contradictory attitudes towards homosexuality created a complex and conflicting atmosphere within their family.

"I mean, he would say things like that. Like, 'Oh my God, if I knew any gay person if any person enters my house, I will slit your throat,' but my cousin was living there, my cousin Michael, and he was gay," he said.


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