Speaking on Hitz FM, about why she doesn’t welcome conversations that ask questions about why she is not married, she said “it’s a narrative we have to change, I think that every human being is competent is enough on their own but I am concern because they do that to women and they don’t do that to men”. 

Vehemently speaking against how women are pressured to marry, she said “We turn to even forget that there is divine force in charge this world, there is a God who is sitting up there who controls the affair of humans who said the heart of kings is in His hands” 

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Emphasizing her opinion with reference from the Bible, she said “There are people who probably will never marry. The bible speaks about those people".

"They will never marry, the Bible says there are people who are eunuchs they will not marry, there are people who will marry and divorce and take the experiences like Paul and become people. There are people who will marry and be happy ever after. There are people who will be in between”.

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