Derrick Kobbina Bonney (DKB) has been doing comedy for a long time and apparently he seems to be on top of his game now as he claims that event organizers prefer him as their first choice to spice their events.

“DKB is just fanning the fire of GH comedy to make a bonfire. Everywhere because event organisers now prefer me as the first choice to spice their events, and it’s because I am serving out all the jokes that have been in me”, he said.

DKB made this statement when speaking on News-One about his life.

When queried what he will do if his jokes run out he relpied saying; “They will never get finished because my style is to take swipes at social issues and current affairs…”

Narrating his life before BBA, he said; “I started off as a top performer at the defunct Citizen Comedy Show produced by Citizen Kofi. I was the regular character on the prime time comedy TV show, Laugh A Minute”.

“I hosted KSM Afia Siriboe show in 2011 as well, hosted Eddie Kadi live in Ghana 2010 & 2011… Lastly, before Big Brother Africa (BBA) I was the host for the funniest family TV game show, It Runs In The Family”, he added.

When asked if BBA gave him his breakthrough he explained that before BBA, he had already made his breakthrough but the show however gave him his big breakthrough.

“….before BBA i had flown to Uganda for Mnet Comedy Club to represent as finest comedian from Ghana to feature with other top comics from other African countries, so based on that I took BBA as an opportunity to sell myself to Africa as a great comic’, he explained.

Answering a question on whether he has achieved his aim of selling himself he said he has but it was in an awkward way.

“Well I did but in an awkward way. Basing on the scandal, the name is truly remembered all across the continent but whenever I trip a country, I would have a few explanations to do before I proceed with whatever agenda I came with”, he said.

DKB also added that though Ghana comedy has not really reached a higher stage it is doing pretty well now.