VIDEO: George Quaye breaks down in tears recounting the VGMAs fracas

The 20th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, which has been much hyped by the organizers to be the best ever, has been marred with a brawl on stage which halted the show for a period close to one hour.

George Quaye in tears

George Quaye, the communications director of Charterhouse, organizers of the VGMAs, in granting an interview to tell what happened at the night, at some point, he lost control of himself, where he was nearly drowned in his tears. 

George was speaking about the months of efforts and resources that were put in place to make Ghana’s biggest night in Music, the biggest that ever happened as the scheme marks its 20th anniversary.

It affected performances, it affected the flow of the event, it affected everything. What has been planned on paper was totally thrown out off the roof” he told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.

Speaking about the impact the scuffle had on the event and its organizers, heard George say that “It’s been very emotional for me because I look at my team, I look at the last five months …I look at the dome that has to be raised in four days … and I look at the little moment of indiscretion that destroyed it all, it’s not been the same for anyone who works at Charterhouse” 

According to George, he was also the producer of the show and the fracas took away the shine of the show. The Charterhouse P.R.O added that it’s been like a funeral for him and whilst saying that, he broke down into tears during the live radio discussion which was being broadcasted on social media.

Watch an excerpt from the interview below.

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