Award winning Afro Pop artiste, Wiyaala has shared fond memories of her childhood, recalling how stubborn and difficult she was to please.

In a hearty chat on ETV’s Wednesday, Wiyaala recalled how she will always complain about how small her food was growing up in a family home in Wa.

She said: “I, for example, I was very stubborn. Nothing pleases me. Like if my mother is cooking and the food is shared, I always feel like I have been cheated. I was always competing, like everything I want to compete. I think there is a bit of that in my musical career [SIC]. “I just want everything, like my food, is small and I am always complaining.”

Wiyaala told host Eddy Blay that her siblings are all girls and that she came close to being a boy. Just like her they can all sing, including his mother who is a chorister.

“Apart from me, my other sisters they are very calm, they can all sing but they are a bit shy. I am the only one who is [hyper],” she said.

Often described as one of Ghana’s biggest music export, Wiyaala had always wanted to play guitar but she couldn’t afford one. It took the benevolence of her manager to purchase one for her.

She said: “I always wanted to play guitar when I was growing up. And one day I saw a playing with guitar just walking in Wa and I just loved the sound. And I was following him and I said, ‘Uncle can I touch your guitar?"

I wanted to play the guitar but my “mother said it was a bit expensive, you know ‘let me contribute.’ So we contributed and whenever I go [to buy the guitar], the price increase.

Asked how she got her first guitar, she noted her manager bought one for her, adding that she is looking forward to playing an electronic guitar.