Drug addict struggles to break into NBA star's hospital room

A crack supplier almost broke into Lamar Odom's hospital room on October 26 before he was stopped by security.

Lamar Odom opens eyes

A crack supplier almost broke into Lamar Odoms hospital room before he was stopped by security.


Latest reports claim a guy who claimed to be Lamar's assistant showed at the hospital where the NBA champion is recovering in Los Angeles on Monday night [October 26] saying he was summoned.

Inside sources say he arrived around 11PM insisting that Lamar summoned him and he came down from Vegas because Odom was insistent on seeing him.

The mystery man, who reportedly has a history with Lamar and Odom's people is now believed to have facilitated Lamar's drug use. The 2 men lived together in Vegas at some point. The man was fired by Lamar's management same day Lamar went into hospital, TMZ reports.

Sources however confirmed that security was unbending and refused to let the man in. There was also yelling and "a big scene" before he was escorted out.

Khloe Kardashian was not at the hospital when it went down.


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