Popular Ghanaian millionaire Ibrahim Daouda better known as

It can be recalled a few months ago that Ibrah 1 threatened to mention the names of top personalities in Ghana that were into money laundering but in a later interview with Joyprime, he disclosed that all that was just for publicity stunt and even blamed bloggers for not differentiating between jokes and serious issues.

Well, Ibrah 1 is back again and this time he mocks Menzgold CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah over his ‘brouhaha’ with Bank Of Ghana.

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The Bank of Ghana has issued a stern warning to Menzgold for accepting deposits whiles it is not licensed to take deposits.

In series of Instagram posts, Ibrah1 shades NAM 1 as not been legit.

"Well said Bank of Ghana. If the source of your money and business was legit, you won't accept deposits from innocent people and pay them that huge interest return. You can fool the whole of Ghana but not me," he said.

He went on stating that he would make a statement on Nana Appiah Mensah at the appropriate time.

"Only time will tell.it's not right for me to make a statement now..." he added.