According to the Ghanaian musician, he got heartbroken from what he witnessed and that has pushed him to take a break from his music career. In a recent interview seen by “Mr All For Real” revealed that he caught someone he calls his best friend redhanded in bed with his wife.

Someone I helped entered my home and destroyed my marriage. Someone I opened my gates to could do that to me. That day I had a show at the national theatre but I performed poorly on stage because I was surprised that someone I helped would do that to me,” the Ghanaian singer said on Kofi TV.

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Detailing how that shut him down totally, he added that “Since then, I couldn’t write, sing or do anything. For about three years I was shut. No shows, nothing. I was in my room. I became lonely”. Talking about how he managed to get over his hurt, the “Cinderalla” said a prophet advised him to turn to God and that is what saved his life if not he would have been dead by now.

“The only thing I could remember at that moment was to pray. I was there one day when a prophet called me and advised me that if I don’t run to God, nothing will work out well for me,” he said. Hear more from him in the interview below.