5 Nollywood actresses that ruled the early 2000's

Nollywood of the late 90's and early 2000's rocked our living rooms. But where are the Queens who ruled our screens?


Our homes were stacked with VHS tapes, sometimes ceiling high. The magic and witchcraft kept us frightened and were stuff of urban legends. The action was never really as good as the Rambo counterparts, but we watched them anyway, simply because we loved Nollywood.

But those movies were ruled by some faces who made them a sure hit when we saw their faces on our cassette jackets (or CDs for the very lucky households.)

Here are some of the queens that ruled our early 2000s:

1.Regina Askia: Before there was Tonto or any other Neo-Nollywood bad girl, there was Regina Askia. The former beauty queen was the actress whose roles our parents wanted us to stay away from or not be like. The more reason why we loved her. Its safe to say Regina Askia was the first sex symbol of Nollywood.

Last we heard, she's been busy being a Nurse in the US, with her husband and children.

2. Liz Benson: If we had to choose one queen, it would have to be her. Its debatable that even till this day, the grace she gave off remains unparalleled. We hear her hiatus from the industry was as a result of her switching to evangelical roles off the screen.

She has made a few appearances in recent times, including Chika Anyanwu's The Palace.

3. Eucharia Anobi: If Regina was the bad girl, Eucharia was the ringleader.

Her role in her debut movie Glamour girls shot her straight to stardom. With almost about a 100 movies on her crown, Eucharia has spent most of her recent years as an evangelist.

4. Sandra Achums: Okay, okay, lets face it. This is a Nollywood badgirl/Sinster woman list from the early 2000's. Sandra Achums was the bad daughter, or the loud-chewing gum eater, or the prostitute, sometimes good girl, but all the time great actress.

Now, she spends most of her time being a good mum in Germany with her four kids.

5. Susan Patrick: That gap-tooth, those eyes, and your soul is hers. Ask Saint Obi in 'Sakobi the snake girl'. After on, she was mostly having her heart broken all over the place as a lover-girl.

After the death of her husband in 2006, she never really made a solid return to the screen.

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