The music industry over the years has welcomed a lot of talented female musicians but some do not just have the talents, they are also blessed with beauty.

Rebecca Acheampong (Becca)

Becca comes as number one on this list for all the obvious reasons. We love her natural hair and lean, mean figure. We know for sure this figure apparently turns KikiBanson on. We don't find fault in his choice

Deborah Vanessa (Sister Deborah)

The self-proclaimed mermaid and recently well-famous "Borla" girl, shot into international fame with her hit song, "Uncle Obama". We love her lean figure too and she accessorizes and adorns very well. Wanlov's sister comes off at number 2.


MzVee is not so much of the new girl on the block anymore, but her beauty radiates anew in every single shot she poses for. Coming off at number 3, the eclectic singer is the true DancehallQueen.

Stephanie Benson

Stephanie IS the old kid on the block who won't stop turning heads. In some quarters, she's been referred to as MILF, we don't know about that, but we do know, coming off at number 4, she's is the sexiest of the lot even though the oldest.


Since Eazzy turned 'crazy', she's been stunning us continuously. Keitta, Reggie Rockstone's brother had his fair share of his BBA Housemate but trust us when we say there's still a lot to love about her.

So there's that, did we miss any? Add your selection in the comment box below.