According to the Zylofon Music label signee, he visited mallams when he had his debut hit single, titled “Moko Hoo”.

In an interview on Happy FM, the “Gringo” hitmaker claimed he visited mallams for a 'research purpose' even though they failed to be impressed or met his expectations.

“I visited many mallams but they could not do what I needed so why would I waste my time to keep visiting them. I have gone to mallams many times to research on my things and it’s because we are in Africa and that was when I had a hit,” he revealed.

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He stressed that people doubt God hence convincing others to believe in mallams.

“I really believe in God but the thing is people meet you and tell you not to think it’s only God that did it for you. People doubt God and Joint 77 (member of his Militants) was there in the beginning. I sometimes suggest a place to go and he will refuse because he is afraid. The things I reveal are so scary and he sometimes becomes scared."

He believes no mallam has hand in his fame including fellow musicians.

“If a mallam could influence my fame like the other acts would have done that also. Every man that I visited will come and tell you that Shatta visited but I could not deliver the things he requested from me. I’m that strong spiritually and if you are not able to do what I want, I stop visiting you.

“With what I see now, I don’t believe any artiste has gone for a song from a mallam. It’s just that sometimes people use wrong ways to achieve things,” he concluded.