This is an abomination; social media reacts to Nikki Samonas eating fufu with stew

Nikki Samonas has introduced what seems to be a new meal combination and that is buzzing on Ghana Twitter.

Nikki Samonas

Pulse Ghana

The Ghanaian actress shared a photo of herself eating fufu with stew. Captioning the photo in a Twitter post, she wrote "Neat fufu n chicken stew yummy" and it has since gone viral on the platform with mixed reaction.

Defending her combination, the actress explained that "Think of it this way. You eat banku, corn powder/dough with pepper, this is plantain or cassava or yam powder/dough with stew. It’s perfect".

She also added that "if you can eat akple, kokonte, banku with pepper or stew, why can’t you eat powdered fufu with the same??? Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery Na no bl333".

However, Nikki's explanation as to why her fufu wasn't with any soup as Ghanaian traditionally like it, didn't settle with tweeps who had a lot to say about her eating it with stew instead.

A Twitter, @Friqqy wrote "We should file a lawsuit against this. WFT?" with @kvopt tweeting that "@GhPoliceService Please do what is right for Mother Ghana and arrest this woman".

However, some few Twitter users endorsed Nikki's combination and even shared other weird meal combinations for people to try. @spoonyslime wrote, "Btw has anyone tried Waakye with Condensed milk ? If not, try it and thank me later".

Meanwhile, others relied on memes they shared to react to the actress' post which a Twitter user says it is an abominatio. See the tweets below and share your thoughts with us.


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